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dooo deee dooo dah! - Forget everything you think you know about me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dying Pretty Beats Living Long and Getting Ugly.

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dooo deee dooo dah! [Aug. 11th, 2005|10:55 pm]
Dying Pretty Beats Living Long and Getting Ugly.
hello hello and hiya!
i figure its been a while, so i should probably give you a quick run down...
waaaay too much has happened in the last little while..
i stayed at my friend ben's for a while, that i sure did.
then i stayed at brando's, then danny's, then ben's again....
i've partied quite a bit.
ended up driving to moose jaw, saskatchewan at 130am on monday with a boy named colin i'd met the night before to rescue our dear rodney...
that was fun!
looong story...
if i have time, i assure you one day i will tell you alllll about it..
it was so much fun...
i wrote, with the assistance of dearest colin, a 27 page mildly poetic, mildly short story-esque recount of the events that occured on monday...with some emotional blah blah blah at the "end" of it.
it sorely needs editing and revising and i think i'm going to go about continuing to add to this story i'm telling you about....i rather enjoyed the way it feels...
blah de blah, i'm once again bored with livejournal so yes...
i've told rodney how i feeeeel!!!
and he is apparently pissed off at nancy!!
but manny is in edmonton i've heard:O
and yes....it's confuuuuuusing!!!
oh well....
come to pharaohs tomorrow night!!!
my birfday!!!!